Where Can I Buy Vitapointe Hair Cream in the UK?

Vitapointe Creme has been the go-to product for taming dry and frizzy hair for several decades, but you may have noticed that it’s been quite thin on the ground lately. So where should you look to buy Vitapointe Creme in the UK? 

You can buy Vitapointe Creme in the UK from Amazon UK, eBay, House of Beauty, Ninth Avenue, and OnBuy. However, Vitapointe Creme has been discontinued in the UK, and you’ll struggle to find it for sale as time goes by. 

Read further to learn more about Vitapointe being discontinued in the UK and the best places to buy it. I’ll also tell you if you can get Vitapointe at Boots or Superdrug, and I’ll recommend some excellent alternatives. 

Has Vitapointe Been Discontinued in the UK?

Have you been struggling to find Vitapointe Creme at UK stores lately? If so, you’re not alone. Many other consumers are experiencing the same problem.

Vitapointe has been discontinued in the UK. Coty bought Clairol in 2016, and it was then that they stopped manufacturing the original Vitapointe Creme. In the USA, the original product was reformulated. The new Vitapointe has a different scent and changed ingredients.  

(Source: Clairol, Amazon, and First Law Comic)

With Vitapointe Creme no longer being manufactured in the UK since 2016, any Vitapointe Creme you find now will be several years old. (source: Wikipedia)

Vitapointe Creme was traditionally an affordable hair treatment, but because it’s been discontinued, demand has increased in the UK. This has pushed the prices up, and the ones you find for sale are ridiculously expensive. If you can get your hands on a pot of Vitapointe Creme, bear in mind that it may have expired. 

It’s upsetting to know that Vitapointe Creme is no longer being manufactured in the UK, and the little stock floating around will soon disappear. It’s, therefore, a good idea to start looking for an alternative. 

Vitapointe Creme is a leave-in hair conditioner that addresses frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. There are many similar products that you can buy at your local supermarket, cosmetics outlet, or online. Below are a few examples.

We also have a dedicated article with many other Vitapointe alternatives that are available in the UK. Click that for the full list, but here are some other quick alternatives if you’re short on time.

Garnier Ultimate Blends No-Rinse Conditioner. Formulated with beeswax and acacia honey, you can buy Garnier Ultimate Blends No-Rinse Conditioner from Amazon UK. It’s ideal for damaged hair that tends to break, and it comes in a large 200ml (6.7 oz) tube, making it a cost-effective option.

Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner.If you’re looking for a product containing mostly natural ingredients, Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner is an excellent choice. It is 97% natural and contains highly nourishing ingredients like argan and sweet almond oil. It has a subtle yet pleasant floral scent, and you can use it daily. 

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. With almost 15,000 positive reviews on Amazon UK, Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Cream is intensely moisturizing for hair, helps repair split ends, and smoothes frizzy hair. It comes in a large 453g (16oz) tub, making it great for those on a budget.

Coco & Eve Miracle Hair Elixir. Coco & Eve Hair Elixir is a fantastic, multi-tasking product that moisturizes hair, provides heat protection, and creates a silky texture. It comes in a small, 100ml (34 fl oz) bottle, but since you only need one drop at a time, it will last you for ages.

Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray. If you enjoyed the lightweight feel of the original Vitapointe Creme, you’ll love Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray. It doesn’t weigh your hair down, and you can use it on dyed or chemically-treated hair. It’s also a fantastic product for hair that often gets knotted. (Sources: Amazon UK)

The Best Places To Buy Vitapointe Hair Cream in the UK

In the previous section, I explained that Vitapointe Creme is no longer being manufactured for the UK market. If you’re one of its many diehard fans, where are the best places to find some for sale in the UK? 

The best places to buy Vitapointe Creme are Amazon UK, eBay, House of Beauty, Ninth Avenue, and OnBuy. You can occasionally find it for sale privately, such as on Facebook Marketplace and at car boot sales. 

If you’re struggling to find Vitapointe Creme in the UK, or you find it too expensive, you might consider buying the newly-formulated product abroad. Walmart in the USA, for example, carries the new Vitapointe Creme and sells it at a reasonable price (source: Walmart).

Bear in mind that the Vitapointe Creme now available in the USA has different ingredients and a different scent.

It’s worth trying a small tube first to see if you like it, as some customers have stated that the new product doesn’t impart as much shine to your hair as the original one. Other customers have complained that the new product is too thick and tacky. (source: Amazon)

Below are some other US stores from which you can buy the new Vitapointe Creme: 

  • Amazon
  • Kroger
  • eBay
  • Image Beauty
  • Smith’s Food & Drug
  • Fred Meyer

If you’re unable to buy the new Vitapointe Creme in the USA, consider asking a friend or family who is visiting the USA to bring some back for you. If you’re getting it posted, it’s a good idea to read our article on reducing customs fees from the USA to UK as well.

vitapointe hair cream with comb

Can You Get Vitapointe at Boots or Superdrug?

Now that you know that Vitapointe Creme is no longer being produced in the UK, you might wonder if large pharmacy chains still have stock.

You can’t buy Vitapointe Creme at Boots or Superdrug. You’ll also struggle to find it at any bricks-and-mortar high street store selling cosmetics. Your best bet is to look for it online.

(Source: Boots and Superdrug). 

Thankfully, Boots and Superdrug sell an extensive range of leave-in conditioning products (such as those mentioned in the previous section). You will undoubtedly find a suitable alternative. 


It’s becoming increasingly challenging to find Vitapointe Creme in the UK as it’s been discontinued since 2016. You could try and find it for sale at places such as eBay, but you might want to consider using an alternative product that is similar to Vitapointe


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