About Us

We’re an extended family originally from Yorkshire, UK, but we’re now spread out over three households and all over the country – in Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, and Bristol.

Between us we realised two things:

  • We bought a LOT of things online (who doesn’t, these days?)
  • We have VERY different tastes and areas of expertise, so we were always asking each other for advice and reviews.

We struggled to find UK-centric reviews online, so decided to dedicate a site to British shoppers who wanted advice, reviews and product recommendations from people who are actually in the UK – there’s nothing like local knowledge!

Whenever there was a gap in our knowledge, we asked neighbours or friends – just like you’d do in the days before the internet.

BritBuyer is a central place for us to talk about the things we love, make recommendations to fellow Brits and to try make UK shopping easier. We hope you enjoy it!