Listerine Original Discontinued in the UK – Where to Buy It

It wasn’t so long ago that Listerine Original was still in UK shops and supermarkets. I noticed that shelves were slow to re-stock and then, much to my horror, it seemed to disappear completely. Had the manufacturer discontinued it?

Listerine Original has been discontinued in the UK. The manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, say it’s due to “low regional demand“. There are, however, some ways you can still buy it.

Like many other people, I was dismayed, because there really is no other antibacterial mouthwash like the “Antiseptic” original. All other common mouthwashes taste like sweet sugary glop to me.

I thought I’d found it again, only to see that they’ve released another yellow one with a ginger flavour. Not the same!

Where to Buy Listerine Original if You’re in the UK

It’s very annoying to know that Listerine Original still exists… but just not in the UK. So how do you get hold of the original without paying a gazillion quid to import a heavy (and alcoholic!) liquid?

Here’s where I’ve been buying Listerine Original from:

1. USA Amazon seller listings on Amazon UK

Listerine original antiseptic mouthwash is still made in the USA. That’s the good news. Very occasionally you will find an American Amazon seller who has added UK shipping to their listing. This means that an American product will show in the search results on Amazon UK. Click here to see if there’s any currently available.

This is how I get mine at the moment – but the bad news is that prices vary. Be prepared to pay more per ml than a single malt! It usually includes postage, so it’s not too bad. I average a tenner per 500ml bottle – twice what the RRP used to be, but I think it’s worth it.

Tip: Read the fine print – sometimes you’ll see a low price, but realise it’s only for the very small 250ml bottle or worse, travel size! Also, sometimes you’ll see a high price but it might be for a multipack of more than one bottle, OR a very large size like 1.5 litres). Check quantities on every listing as they vary a lot.

Be warned, however, that it can take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

The American Listerine Original is identical to the one that was previously sold in the UK, as far as I can tell. It has the same recipe and ingredients, and tastes the same.

Here’s mine from a recent shipment, front and back:

Listerine original 500ml
The front label of my USA Listerine Original
Listerine USA original label
The back label of Listerine Original (USA version)

2. International Ebay Sellers Who Ship to the UK

Another option is to look for sellers who ship internationally on Ebay.

At the time of writing, there are three types of sellers on there:

  • American sellers who will ship to the UK (note that the postage can be very high – you can sometimes also get stung for customs fees upon arrival)
  • Thai or Indian sellers who will ship their international version to the UK – note I’ve never bought these, so I don’t know if it’s the same active ingredient, recipe or taste, though it certainly looks the same.
  • UK sellers with large mark-ups (I’ve seen a bidding war up to £50 a bottle! But with the Amazon option above, there’s no need to resort to this, yet).

Will Listerine ever return to the UK? Who knows – but it can’t help to add your voice to the many demanding that it comes back! – please give Johnson & Johnson feedback and demand that they bring it back. Here’s their feedback form. Give ’em some stick, as we say in Yorkshire.

It’s not hard to find other disgruntled customers. Unfortunately J&J seem to have abandoned many of their Listerine social media channels, but it can’t hurt to try – if the real reason really is lack of demand.


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