Are Henry Hoovers Any Good? What to Use Henry On

Since they were first introduced in 1981 (source: Numatic), Henry Hoovers—a series of popular canister vacuum cleaners manufactured and distributed by Numatic—have taken over most homes and offices in Britain.

Henrys (as they are sometimes called) have ingrained themselves into British culture so much so that having the cute-looking appliances are as synonymous with being British as drinking tea and the Union Jack. But are they any good?

Henry Hoovers are excellent and practical vacuum cleaners with impressive suction power and versatility—perfect for long-term household use. You can use the vacuum cleaner on most dry surfaces, but it can damage fluffy carpets. Still, it’ll get rid of dust, air, and fur on every other surface.

Although Henry Hoovers are popular, it’s common to have a few questions about their practicality, efficiency, and limitations. After all, vacuum cleaners are like other appliances—they’re rated to perform a certain way and in certain conditions.

This article will answer your burning questions about Henry Hoovers, including how powerful they are, their effectiveness on pet hair, and what surfaces you can use them on.

Are Henry Hoovers Any Good?

Numatic International’s iconic Henry Hoover turns 41 this year—and while the popular leg warmers and leotards of the 80s are long gone (source: Hobbylark), Henry’s smiling face still adorns corners in homes and offices around Britain.

It’s easy to attribute the line’s success to public sentiment. After all, it’s pretty uncommon to have commercial vacuum cleaners stay on the market for so long (source: The Telegraph).

Henry Hoovers are very good vacuum cleaners that have been consistently good since Numatic first introduced them to the British market in 1981. The products are well-designed, allowing anyone to efficiently use, maneuver, and store them without any hassle.

While many people argue that Henry’s popularity is due to Numatic’s excellent branding and marketing strategies (source:The Guardian), it’s impossible to argue about the vacuum’s efficiency. The product is as good as you’d get in modern vacuum cleaners, and Numatic has introduced other series in the line to cater to even more customers.

For example, the Numatic HVT160-11 Henry Vacuum Cleaner (available on helps clean stubborn pet hair and remove microscopic allergens—proving that Henry Hoover vacuums are as ubiquitous as they are timeless.

Are Henry Hoovers Powerful?

It’s almost impossible to mistake a Henry Hoover for another appliance. After all, the familiar red smiling face is impossible to miss—even if you prefer to store your cleaning supplies under the stairs or in dark closets. However, do Henry Hoovers have powerful suction, or are the vacuums all aesthetics?

Henry Hoovers are powerful vacuum cleaners that will get rid of dust, dirt, and hair from most floors with minimal effort. The vacuums typically have a maximum rating of 1200 watts (1.6 horsepower)—enough juice to get you through particularly daunting cleaning sessions without stress.

A power rating of 1200 watts is more than enough power for vacuum cleaners, so it’s indisputable that Henry Hoovers are pretty efficient. Of course, the Henrys come with a switch to adjust how much suction the vacuums provide, allowing you to switch to a low power mode of 600 watts (0.8 horsepower) to do light cleaning.

Are Henry Hoovers Good for Pet Hair?

Although Henrys aren’t associated with the Hoover brand, many Britons refer to the vacuums as “Henry Hoovers.”

This misnomer is because Hoovers were synonymous with vacuum cleaners in 80s Britain (source: Reference For Business), the period Numatic’s Henrys hit the market. However, it’s normal to wonder how well the classic vacuum cleaner deals with pet hair.

Henry Hoovers are good for pet hair, thanks to their robust suction power. With 600 watts (0.8 horsepower) fans and specially designed canisters. The vacuum also has a capacity of 9 liters (0.31 cubic feet) and a long cord, perfect for cleaning up after the shaggiest of pests.

While the regular Henry NRV 240-11 Dry Vacuum Cleaner (available on can help you clean out pet hair, a dedicated vacuum cleaner from Numatic is specially designed for this exact purpose—the Henry Petcare.

The Henry Petcare comes equipped with an EcoBrush and a MicroFresh filter to quickly take up tenacious pet hair and absorb residual pet odors (source: My Henry).

You can get the Henry Pet PET200 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum on It also helps to reduce pet odors throughout your home. 

Are Henry Hoovers Good on Carpets?

Henry Hoovers were designed to clean floors, so the most logical surfaces to use the vacuums are floors in homes, offices, and similar areas. Still, most floors aren’t bare, and they come with paddings or finishings of some kind—like carpets or rugs. Therefore, it’s normal to wonder if you can use Henry Hoovers on your carpets.

Henry Hoovers are not good on carpets. While they may help efficiently clean non-fluffy carpets, the vacuums can damage light or thin carpets. The system’s powerful suction and tapered bristles are the main culprits—capable of ripping through carpets’ padding without warning.

I don’t recommend you use the Henry vacuum cleaner on carpets, even if it’s non-fluffy. In addition to the risk of damage, regular Henry Hoovers don’t clean carpets as well as they do other surfaces. So, you’ll likely be disappointed by the results.

Even the Henry Petcare, specially designed to deal with fur and fine hair, is unsuited for cleaning out pet hair in carpets, so I recommend using vacuum cleaners specially made to clean all kinds of carpets.

henry hoover on a wooden floor

Are Henry Hoovers Good for Wooden Flooring?

Today’s vacuum cleaner market is very different from how it used to be in the 80s when Henry Hoovers first made waves. So, it’s expected that there’ll be a few questions about how well the product will perform in contemporary homes. After all, it’s pretty common to have floor finishes these days—and smooth wooden flooring can be hard to clean.

Henry Hoovers are good for wooden flooring. You can clean wooden flooring without hassle using Henrys, and they’ll leave the surface looking excellent. And while smooth surfaces can be tricky when vacuuming, you don’t have to worry about that with Henry Hoovers.

Henry Hoovers’ suction power also comes into play with hard wooden flooring, so you don’t need to run the vacuum over the same place over and over for effectiveness. Therefore, you can get even fine crumbs and pet hair out of freshly polished wooden flooring with minimal effort.

It’s no wonder Henry Hoovers have stayed relevant in the British cleaning scene for a long time. After all, each purchase of a red canister with a cute face offers timeless efficiency and ubiquity.


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