What Gift Cards Does Tesco Sell in the UK? [Full List]

There’s a gift card for almost everything these days – for gaming, fashion, or coffee, anybody can benefit from the much-needed discounts that gift cards can offer. Tesco sell a ton of different brands, but there are some gaps – so I thought I’d make a list.

Tesco sells several gift cards in the UK, including Adidas, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, Airbnb, Spotify, and more. Tesco has partnered with various brands offering goods and services, ranging from essentials to entertainment. However, there are some gift cards they don’t stock. 

Tesco e-gift cards make excellent presents when you are running out of ideas for a friend’s or a family member’s next special event. Read on to find out whether their favorite brands are on the list of gift cards available at Tesco. 

Gift Cards Sold at Tesco: Full List

Tesco doesn’t provide a complete list of branded gift cards available at their physical stores, so bear in mind that smaller stores might have fewer options. Instead, they recommend customers visit or contact the nearest store locations for real-time information about gift cards in stock (source: Tesco). 

However, they regularly update their e-gift card offerings available on their website. Here is the full list of branded e-gift cards sold at Tesco as of writing (source: Tesco e-Gift Cards): 

  • Adidas 
  • Airbnb 
  • App Store & iTunes 
  • ASOS 
  • Boohoo.com 
  • Cineworld 
  • Costa Coffee 
  • Currys PC World 
  • Decathlon 
  • Dining Out 
  • F&F 
  • Fox & Ivy 
  • Google Play 
  • H&M 
  • Homesense 
  • Hotels.com 
  • John Lewis & Partners 
  • Mamas & Papas 
  • Microsoft Xbox 
  • Miller & Carter 
  • Naked Wines 
  • Nando’s 
  • New Look 
  • Nike 
  • Not On The High Street 
  • ODEON 
  • One4all 
  • Playstation 
  • Primark 
  • River Island 
  • Roblox 
  • Schuh 
  • Spotify 
  • Tesco 
  • Theatre Tokens
  • Ticketmaster 
  • TK Maxx 
  • Toby Carvery 
  • Vue 
  • Wagamama 
  • Wayfair 
  • Zalando 
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Can You Get Amazon Gift Cards at Tesco?

You can get Amazon gift cards at Tesco stores in the UK. Customers can choose from various denominations ranging from ₤20 – ₤100. However, you cannot buy an Amazon digital gift card from Tesco’s online gift cards store – you have to visit in person.

Amazon gift cards make excellent gifts if you’re not sure what to buy your coworker or friend. You will have to go in-store to purchase one (source: Amazon UK).

Can You Get Roblox Gift Cards at Tesco?

You can get Roblox e-gift cards from Tesco’s website. They are available in ₤10 and ₤20 denominations. Each card includes an exclusive virtual item. Currently, the physical gift card is not available at Tesco stores in the UK. 

It is important to note that e-gift card holders must redeem their card’s value only at Roblox’s website to get Roblox credits. Be sure to check the Terms and Conditions to reap the maximum benefits of using the Roblox e-gift card. (source: Roblox).

Another thing to remember is that, unlike other gift cards, Roblox e-gift cards are not available for partial redemption. Tesco’s online store also limits the purchase of any similar branded e-gift cards, so you can buy a maximum of only five cards every seven days. 

Can I Get a Steam or Fortnite V Bucks Cards at Tesco?

You can get Steam and Fortnite V Bucks gift cards at Tesco’s physical stores in the UK. However, they don’t have e-gift cards available on Tesco’s online store. 

My grandsons are obsessed with fortnite and trying to find them V bucks was difficult at first. You can buy Steam physical gift cards in several denominations at Tesco retail stores in the UK, ranging from ₤5 – ₤100. On the other hand, V Bucks values range from 1,000 to 13,500 and can cost anywhere from ₤6.5 – ₤80. 

You can confirm if your nearby Tesco store has Steam gift cards and what predetermined denominations they have on hand using the Store Locator (source: Steam Support). I’ve successfully bought V Bucks a couple of times, but only the bigger Tesco stores tend to stock them. Game have them as well.

You can do the same to confirm the availability of Fortnite V Bucks cards at your local Tesco store. However, with V Bucks cards, there are additional territory restrictions in place, limiting your ability to use the gift cards outside of the country or region you bought them from (source: Epic Games). So if the gift is for someone living abroad, check this first.

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Can You Get Starbucks Gift Cards at Tesco?

You cannot get Starbucks gift cards at Tesco brick-and-mortar or online stores. The famous coffee shop discontinued its e-gift card offering. Instead, customers can buy a Starbucks card at their local Starbucks store. 

You can now only purchase a Starbucks card at Starbucks (source: Starbucks UK). an excuse to treat yourself to a coffee when you’re going in to buy a gift card!

Are Xbox or PlayStation Gift Cards Available at Tesco?

Xbox and PlayStation gift cards are available at Tesco retail and online stores. PlayStation’s e-gift cards are available in ₤10 and ₤20 denominations, while Microsoft Xbox is available in ₤10, ₤15, and ₤25. 

However, the values of their physical and e-gift card offerings vary. Physical PlayStation and Xbox gift cards are available for up to ₤100, depending on your local store.

It’s best to ring and check if you’re making a special trip to get one. Bear in mind many games cost more than you think, especially if they’re new releases.

Tip: Don’t forget that Tesco sells their own Tesco Gift Cards as well, and you can use them for loads of things if you shop there often. For more information, read my guide on how to spend Tesco Gift Cards in the UK.

Can You Get Google or Apple Gift Cards at Tesco?

You can get Google and Apple gift cards with fixed values at Tesco stores. They are also available as e-gift cards. Google Play’s e-gift cards allow customers to customize the values between ₤10 and ₤100 during purchase, while you can customize App Store and iTunes e-gift cards from ₤15 – ₤100.

Customers can buy an e-gift combo including any two brands to send to a single recipient. So you can send a Google Play and an App Store & iTunes e-gift cards at once as a gift.

Can You Get Clarks Gift Cards at Tesco?

You cannot get Clarks gift cards at Tesco retail or online stores. However, Tesco has One4all e-gift cards that you can use at Clarks stores. You can select the e-gift card’s value between ₤10 and ₤100 before finalizing your purchase.

If you want an exclusive Clarks gift card, you can buy them at Clarks full-price stores and outlets in the UK and Ireland. You can load the card from ₤5 – ₤500 (source: Clarks UK). 

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Are JD Sports Gift Cards at Tesco?

JD Sports gift cards are not available at Tesco. You can buy gift cards at JD Sports stores. You can also get physical and e-gift cards from the company’s website and choose the value from ₤5 – ₤300.

You can purchase a gift card from the JD Sports website and they will send it directly to the recipient (source: JD Sports UK).

Does Tesco Sell John Lewis Gift Cards?

Tesco sells John Lewis e-gift cards, which you can customize from ₤5 – ₤100. However, you cannot buy physical John Lewis gift cards at Tesco. You may purchase both physical and e-gift cards at John Lewis & Partners stores. 

You can also use the One4all e-gift cards available at Tesco’s gift card store for your purchases at select John Lewis & Partner shops. You can probably buy John Lewis cards at Waitrose as well, though I haven’t yet checked this.

Can I Get an eBay Gift Card at Tesco?

You cannot get an eBay gift card at Tesco. eBay gift cards are available at numerous retail stores around the world, but most UK retail store companies do not sell the product.

However, you can purchase eBay gift cards at various stores in the USA. (source: eBay) so if you really want one, you’ll have to see if you can get it from abroad. Our article on saving on customs charges might help with this as well.

Overall, Tesco sells several branded gift cards in-store and online in the UK. However, some stores offer only physical gift cards, while others only sell e-gift cards. It’s almost always a good idea to call your nearest store to confirm.


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