Best UK Hair Dryers For Damaged Or Frizzy Hair

There’s nothing more irritating than spending hours washing, drying and styling your hair into a look that makes you feel great, only for you to step outside and see that the dreaded frizziness has returned.

Almost everyone battles with frizziness, especially during humid weather when the ions in your hair are attracted to the water molecules in the air.

Simply no amount of anti-frizz serums and conditioners will do the job if you’re not using the right hair styling tools.

I know, because I’ve tried! I have very straight hair and it looks awful when it frizzes.

If you’re desperately searching for a new hair dryer to solve your frizz frustrations then here’s the information I’ve collated a list of the best dryers on the market, whether that’s fine or curly hair, and explain the science behind how they work.

Full disclosure: I own the Dyson and I absolutely love it, so I’ve written an in-depth guide to it, before recommending some second choices for those who don’t want to spend that much on a hairdryer.

Best UK Hairdryer For Frizzy Hair

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
(Check Amazon’s Price)

There’s a reason why everyone has heard of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and that’s because it really works.

Although it doesn’t look like your traditional hair dryer, it’s used in salons everywhere as it’s quiet, lightweight, and easy to hold.

The powerful motor is in the handle, rather than the head of the dryer, leading to an even distribution of weight and giving it a sleeker design and allowing you to hold it closer to your head without your arm aching from the awkward position.

The concentrator nozzle attachment directs air flow downwards and smooths the hair cuticle, leaving you with silky hair that won’t need to be straightened after drying.

When it comes to washing my hair for work, I tend to shower the night before so I have plenty of time to style my hair and then shower again in the morning before I head off.

As Dyson dries hair so quickly and makes it so that you don’t have to straighten your hair too.

This gave me two benefits – I could ditch the expensive hair straighteners (which justifies the cost of the Dyson!) and it saves me so much styling time that I can just wash my hair in the morning!

Best UK Hairdryer For Damaged, Frizzy Hair

Remington Proluxe Ionic Hair Dryer
(Check Amazon’s Price)

This hair dryer by Remington delivers a  salon-quality blow-dry that lasts for 24 hours and is great for frizzy hair.

Have you ever dried your hair only for it to feel straw-like afterwards? Not with this dryer, because it has an easy-to-direct airflow with OPTIHeat technology that targets the heat to specific areas of your hair so you can avoid ‘overdrying’ it and causing lasting damage.

It comes with a diffuser attachment that can be used to smooth out naturally curly hair and stop it from becoming frizzy, as well as a styling nozzle that can be used to add more volume to your hairstyle, by blasting cooler air into the root which will give your hair more of a lift.

Best Hairdryer for Thick Or Curly Frizzy Hair UK

PluieSoleil 3000W Professional Hair Dryer
(Check Amazon’s Price)

This hair dryer by PluieSoleil is extremely powerful, with a 3000W output although despite this, it’s still relatively quiet.

It also has negative ionic technology to reduce frizz and help your hair dry faster, with less damage.

It has a 2m long electrical cord so you can move around whilst drying and it even has a hanging loop at the base of the dryer so you can hang it up (my friend Linda has one of these and hangs her dryer next to the mirror for ease of access).

It even has a removable air filter to ensure that you can keep it clean and fluff-free, which will help to prolong the motor life.

It can take a while to dry thicker hair, but thankfully this is a super lightweight hair dryer so you can avoid that dreaded arm ache when holding it for a while.

Preventing curly and thick hair from becoming frizzy when blow drying is a difficult task, but the PluieSoleil dryer comes with a range of extras – a concentrator nozzle, a comb nozzle, a diffuser, a rat tail comb and an afro comb.

When it comes to curly hair, using a diffuser to dry hair is the best option for a frizz-free style, as the diffuser dries your hair without disrupting your natural wave pattern, leaving your natural curls and hair cuticle intact.

Plus, all the extras mean that you can learn to do a professional-looking blow dry from the comfort of your own home without having to buy any more tools!

Best UK Hairdryer For Fine Thin Frizzy Hair

Remington Keratin Protect Ionic Hair Dryer (Check Amazon’s Price)

Frizzy hair is annoying at the best of times, but having both fine and frizzy hair can prove extra challenging. This hair dryer by Remington is the one I had before the Dyson and it’s my backup.

Using oil products to reduce frizz in finer hair can often weigh the hair down and leave it looking lifeless.

I love that the dryer ring is infused with both Keratin and Almond Oil, which slowly releases micro-conditioners as you use the dryer to ensure that your hair is moisturised and frizz-free, without leaving it looking flat and unwashed.

The dryer itself has 3 heat and 2 speed settings, along with a cool shot button which is a great way to reduce dry hair!

Once your hair is almost completely dry you should blast it with the cool shot to close the hair cuticle, a bit like turning the shower to cold before getting out to close your pores.

It also comes with a concentrator nozzle, which when used with a round hair dryer brush can really add volume to finer hair, making it look thicker without the need for loads of hair products.

Is The Dyson Dryer Good For Frizzy Hair?

The benefits of the dyson dryer for frizzy hair are difficult to ignore. It took 4 years of fine-tuning to develop the technology into what it is today.

The Air Multiplier technology means that although the dryer has a 1200W output, which you may think is low for a hair dryer, the airflow is amplified by three times so your hair dries faster and is therefore less likely to frizz.

One of the things about this dryer that most impressed me is the glass bead thermometer that monitors the temperature of the dryer 20 times per second.

This then feeds the data back to its microprocessor to ensure that the heat remains consistent throughout use – no other dryer on the market has technology quite like it.

Many other hairdryers get hotter as you use them.

The Dyson ensures that there is no heat damage to hair as the temperature always stays below 150°C, which is the point where hair damage becomes irreversible.

One of the main contributors to frizz is an open hair cuticle and hair breakage, caused by excessive heat damage – so reducing this damage will, in turn, reduce the amount of frizz in your hair, leading to smoother and shinier hair over time.

Why Is The Dyson Dryer The Least Damaging For Frizzy Hair?

Bear with me on this! Believe me, I researched this to death before dropping so much money on a hair dryer (and before my partner John thought I’d gone mad).

Ionic dryers like the Dyson produce negatively charged ions, which are attracted to the positive ions in the water on your hair, leading to a reduction in static electricity.

The negative ions work to reduce the size of the water molecules, meaning that your hair dries faster as it’s easier to get the molecules to leave your hair due to their size.

This means that less heat is needed in order to fully dry your hair, thus leading to less damage.

The smaller molecules created also mean that they can penetrate the hair more easily, leaving your hair more moisturised than a regular dryer and ensuring you have a gorgeous, frizz-free hair-do that lasts all day, even in humid weather!

However, I know the Dyson isn’t exactly cheap. I splashed out because I ‘wear’ my hair every day and it works out at pennies per day in the long run, and I feel much more confident without the prospect of a frizz-bomb on my head.

There ARE some other cheaper options, though – I’ve listed these below. I actually take the Remington on holiday, because I’d be so sad if the Dyson got damaged or lost!

Choosing the right hair dryer to reduce your frizz doesn’t have to be as much of a task as you may think, there’s bound to be one on the market that suits you. Hopefully, your choice is easier as I’ve done a bit of research.

The Dyson Supersonic is no doubt the best all-rounder, suitable for all hair types. Its temperature settings technology ensures no irreversible damage will be caused to your hair, leaving it so smooth that it’s unlikely you’ll have to straighten your hair after drying. It’s expensive but worth it.


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