The Best Sofa Covers in the UK (Including Stretch and Slip Covers)

I purchased my sofa secondhand when I moved into my flat. It’s a cosy 3-seater sofa that I’ve spent so much time lounging, sleeping, and eating on, so it’s not surprising that it’s accumulated a few stains over the years. Despite its wear and tear, I’ve managed to keep it looking great with a sofa cover.

The best sofa cover in the UK is the H. Versailtex Reversible Sofa Cover. It offers a minimalist design with extreme comfort. This reversible cover is great for changing up the appearance of your sofa and deterring unwanted stains and debris. It’s also effortless to remove and wash. 

In this article, I’ve compiled my top five choices for the best sofa covers in the UK, including some of the covers I’ve purchased and rotated out from time to time. Each of my recommended sofa covers can easily be found on

Most Versatile: H. Versailtex Reversible Sofa Cover

I chose the H. Versailtex Reversible sofa cover as my top pick because of its practicality. I live alone and have a big husky and a long-haired cat, so you can imagine the amount of pet fur in my flat. My pets love laying on the couch, and I enjoy relaxing with my morning cuppa there too. 

Ultimately, I needed a sofa cover that looked simple, sleek, was easy to maintain and could sustain the types of messes and stains that the pets and I make. 

The H. Versailtex sofa cover is ideal because it’s a slip cover that comes in a wide range of neutral colours to match any interior. It has a defined shape, also known as a t-cushion, so it fits over the main back and bottom cushions, and over the arms of the sofa (source: Visual Hunt). 

The cover is made from a soft, quilted material and is extremely comfortable too. The soft fabric is sewn of quick-drying fibres, so I don’t have to worry about potential tea spills seeping through and lingering on the couch.

The reversibility also means I can get more prolonged use out of the cover between washes by just flipping it around to the other side. 

I also enjoy how rapidly I can put it on the sofa because of its adjustable straps. It’s my everyday couch cover and works perfectly with my busy lifestyle. 

Best Value: Generic 6-Piece Sofa Cover Set

My next top pick is a fantastic, bright-coloured stretch sofa cover set that you will fall in love with. I gifted the Generic 6-Piece Sofa Cover Set to my mum for her birthday, as she had some furniture in her conservatory that she wanted covers for. She was delighted with this soft and warm sofa cover set, and she liked how lightweight the fabric felt. 

The set is made of elastic fibres that are stretchy enough to cover her entire 3-seater sofa and comes with matching covers for the seat cushions. The sofa cushion covers also have dainty pom poms on them that help add some flair to the sofa’s aesthetic. 

The best part about this sofa cover set is that it can easily be washed in the washing machine. The machine cycles won’t damage the fabric, and it’ll dry fast too. The cover will continue to maintain its soft and velvety texture, even after extended use and multiple washes. 

You also don’t have to worry about the material stretching out or the corners becoming loose. The edges are designed with a strong and stretchy band that keeps them secure around the sides of the couch and underneath the cushions. 

Most Comfortable: BellaHills Velvet Sofa Slipcover 

I chose the BellaHills Velvet Sofa Slipcover as my go-to for the comfiest sofa cover. The material is made of elegant and luxurious fibres that feel soft to the touch and smooth against the sofa skin. This sofa cover doesn’t have any exciting patterns or designs, but the material it’s sewn from is what makes it a worthy investment. 

Although the fabric is made of velvet, it’s also blended with a nice amount of elastic so it can stretch over your couch and fit tightly along the edges and corners. The velvet material doesn’t appear overly stretched when fitted on your sofa, and it retains its plush texture and rich colour. 

Unlike some other sofa covers, the straps on this one are discreet and fit underneath the couch to prevent the material from pulling to one side or riding up along the edges. 

Overall, I like the minimalist aesthetic of this sofa cover and how cosy it makes my couch feel. I tend to put this one on in the wintertime when temperatures drop because it adds warmth and comfort to my otherwise cold flat.  

Most Durable: H. Versailtex Lycra Jacquard Sofa Cover

The H. Versailtex Lycra Jacquard Sofa Cover offers next-level durability and protection for your sofa. It’s a thicker cover made of stretchy and water-resistant fibres, which is perfect for a pet owner like me.

I purchased this stretch sofa cover for my 1-seat recliner chair since it’s my dog’s favourite spot to lounge. Any time my dog and I come back from a walk in the rain, the first thing he’ll do is run to the chair and roll around to dry himself off.

But since I bought this sofa cover, the recliner looks cleaner and more welcoming (even with the dog’s messes). 

The cover is very soft and strong enough to deter substantial amounts of water. It also dries quickly, and doesn’t retain that awful smell that some other fabrics do. 

When it comes to cleaning, I chose to purchase it in a darker colour so stains and dog fur aren’t as visible. Cleaning fur off of the cover is quick and straightforward – most of the time, I just waft it to remove any debris. 

Otherwise, I can toss the cover in the washing machine for a more thorough clean, and it comes out looking like new every time!

Most Stylish: Hotniu Fit Stretch Sofa Cover

I came across the Hotniu Fit Stretch Sofa Cover when I was looking to add some colour to my flat. I wanted a stretch cover that was tight-fitting and could cover all edges of my rugged old sofa, and this sofa cover did just the trick. 

I like to put this one on when I’m having guests over or hosting at my flat because it spruces up the room instantly. I always get compliments on my couch’s design when I have this cover on because most people think it is original upholstery (since it fits so seamlessly onto the sofa).

The highly stretchy fabric makes it easy to tuck across the corners without leaving any excess material overstretched or loosened on the sides. 

I also appreciate the cover’s durable fibres that make it easy to maintain. I usually just hoover any loose dust or pet fur off the surface, and use a damp cloth to remove any other dried stains. 

I adore this sofa cover’s unique patterns, which are chic and contemporary. It’s great for a renter, like me, who needs some colour in the house but can’t paint the walls.

How Much Does It Cost To Cover a Sofa?

It can cost anywhere between £20 – £60 to cover a sofa with a sofa cover. At the same time, it can cost as much as £500 or more to reupholster a small sofa. Therefore, purchasing a cover for your sofa is often more economical than reupholstering it (source: Check a Trade).

If you’d like to opt for an even cheaper solution, you can forgo the sofa cover and reupholstering altogether and instead invest in nice throws. Throws are often thicker and can be used as blankets. They can be purchased for much lower prices at department and homeware stores. 

However, the biggest caveat with using throws is that you may have to buy multiple ones to cover the entire couch. They probably won’t stay put on your sofa as securely, and they may not be as easy to wash. Depending on the material, some throws can also accumulate more dirt and pet fur (source: Apartment Therapy).

bright yellow colored sofa cover

Can You Dye Sofa Covers?

You can dye sofa covers with upholstery-safe dyes or paints. Although this option may be cheaper than purchasing a new sofa or cushion covers, improperly using the dye can leave your upholstery looking discoloured and patchy (source: Yorkshire Fabric Shop).

If you aren’t skilled with using fabric dye, you may be left with an even larger mess to clean up afterwards, since it can stain carpet, clothing, and other upholstery.

It’s important to note that bright dyes and paints may not show up on darker coloured fabrics. The paints also won’t provide much protection to the sofa, especially if you’re looking to combat stains, debris, and pet fur build-up. 

Therefore, to get uniform tones and added protection, you’re probably better off buying new sofa covers. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a quality sofa cover can be a great way to give your sofa a much-needed refresh – and at an affordable price! You can consider stretch covers or slip covers, depending on the type of coverage you want.

I hope you found this article helpful, and as always, be sure to measure your sofa’s dimensions before purchasing a new cover.


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