Best Non-Wired Bras for Large Breasts in the UK

Large breasts run in my family, so when I hit my teens, I wasn’t completely surprised that mine were naturally bigger too. I had always found bras to be so uncomfortable and constricting, and couldn’t wait to take them off.

But I didn’t realise that most of my discomfort was coming from the wiring in my bras – that is, until I switched to non-wired design bras.  

Since my breasts are larger, most wired bras dig into my ribs or cause chafing. For those reasons, I’ve permanently switched to non-wired design bras. In this article, I’ve compiled my five favourite non-wired bras for large breasts so that you can make the switch too.

For Versatile Wear

Deliminera Women’s Lace Plus Size Wire-Free Bra

Available in sizes: 36B – 52E

After I had my baby and finished breastfeeding, my body was still adjusting, and I was left with even larger breasts than before. I wasn’t used to how my bust looked, and, more than anything, I wanted to transition back into flattering bras that weren’t nursing or maternity ones.

However, I couldn’t find anything that gave me the perfect balance of comfort and style. 

Then, I found this Deliminera Lace bra (from, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I liked that it was simple but had some flair. I was able to wear this under my loose, lounging T-shirt and my tight dress for date night, and it fitted amazingly for both occasions. 

The bra’s fibres are stretchy enough that you can move around it, but it keeps your breasts secure. The fabric is breathable, which means I don’t get those unsightly sweat streaks across my bustline. 

This bra doesn’t come with padding, but it still gives my bust a full appearance. However, my favourite part about this bra is the wide back and shoulder straps. Some bras have awkward straps that are too small and press into the sides of your chest.

This bra’s straps are the perfect width, and they cover the entire chest area, including the sides of the breasts. So, you won’t have any unwanted bulges or spillage from any angle, which I love!

As a bonus, the subtle lace lining around the top makes this bra super chic.

For Workouts and Sports

SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Wireless Sports Bra

Available in sizes 32A – 42F

I originally purchased the SYROKAN Women’s High Impact sports bra (from because it was so easy to put on. I’d get so flustered trying to reach behind and fasten my clasps, but this bra has a front zipper instead that makes it super simple to fasten. 

The front zipper is simple to manoeuvre and blends well with the material, so it’s not directly rubbing against the skin. It’s made from sweat-resistant fabrics, so you won’t get a build-up of bacteria around your bust, even if you don’t have time to change after your workout.

I enjoy how sporty and stylish this bra looks. You can wear it underneath your workout gear or as a top by itself. It offers just enough padding and support to keep your breasts from bouncing when exercising, but it isn’t so tight that you can’t breathe.

The stretchy band around the bottom is thick enough to keep your bust elevated and won’t fold or curl when you move around.

The back of the bra comes up higher than traditional, everyday wear bras, so you’ll have a bit more support when you’re exercising or performing strenuous activities. It’s good for your posture too!

For Everyday Wear

Sumptuously Soft Non-Wired T-Shirt Bra

woman wearing a soft non-wired t-shirt bra

Available in sizes 30B – 42E

My first choice for an everyday wear bra, and one that you’ll want to purchase in several colours, is this Sumptuously Soft Non-Wired T-Shirt bra. It’s available from Marks & Spencers, and just like the name suggests, it fits smoothly over your chest and under any fabric. 

I wore this bra for a while when I was in my first trimester, and my breasts were constantly tender. I wanted something lightweight and supportive that didn’t aggravate my chest any more than it already was, and that wasn’t as constrictive. 

This bra has a bit more stretch than others, so it gave me the right amount of support and space for my breasts to grow. The adjustable straps are also pretty handy, so I could alter the bra as my body changed.

I’ve seen some reviewers say they purchased this bra for extra comfort during post-surgery care, and I can see why they did. The light padding offers the perfect amount of coverage without feeling bulky. 

Even after wearing this bra for long hours, I never need to take it off to feel ‘free’ since it’s so lightweight and soft on my skin. 

For an added touch of femininity, the little bow in the middle keeps it looking delicate and classy, so I feel great whenever I wear it too.

For a Natural Effect

Non-Wired Push-Up Bralette

woman wearing a non-wired push-up bralette

Available in sizes 30B – 40DD

The Non-Wired Push-Up Bralette from Marks & Spencers is ultra-sleek and incredibly practical. The plunging neckline helps create a slimming illusion, so the focus isn’t entirely on your bust.

This bra comes with some light padding in the cups to smooth out the front of your chest, and the plunging neckline means it can easily be worn with any outfit. 

It has a wide seam around the bottom that pushes your breasts up, giving them a full and firm shape, with some natural cleavage. The flexible seam prevents your breasts from sagging, and is firm enough to prevent the material from rolling or folding over. 

The stitching doesn’t dig into your ribcage or constrict you in the same way a wire would, but instead fits effortlessly against your skin and forms around the natural shape of your chest.

The thick strap is great for lifting your bust and providing much-needed support to your back and shoulders. 

For Stylish Comfort

Total Support Wild Blooms Non-Wired Bra

woman wearing a total support wild blooms non-wired bra

Available in sizes 34C – 44H

Have you ever strolled through a department store’s lingerie section, and you see tonnes of cute designs and styles for smaller cup sizes, but the area for larger breasts only has plain and primary colours? 

I’ve struggled to find bras for large busts that are both visually flattering and practical. But then, I came across this Total Support Wild Blooms bra. I found it from Marks & Spencers and it’s got plenty of lace to give it a bit of sultry edge. It doesn’t have padding but it has just enough support to make it suitable for everyday wear. 

Some customers have commented on how soft the material is, and I completely agree. The cut of the bra is designed to smooth over the area underneath your bust and atop the nipple.

Then, it has some stunning lace on the top of the cup, but there’s still enough structure to prevent spilling out from the cups. I enjoy how this cut frames my breasts, so they don’t appear too pointy either.

The bra’s beautiful lace design goes up along the straps, so even if they get exposed accidentally, they at least look great too. The comfortable straps are thick enough to stay put on your shoulders without digging into them, and the back strap is wide enough to distribute support for your breasts evenly. 

Best Non-Wired Bras for Large Breasts and Big Busts: What To Look For

When shopping for bras to accommodate your large bust, it’s recommended that you choose ones that fit your lifestyle and activity level. For example, if you’re regularly hitting the gym, you’ll need to invest in a quality sports bra instead of always relying on your everyday wear bra. 

Not only are these kinds of bras not made for high-intensity physical activity, but they won’t provide the same level of support needed when working out. They may also not be made of suitable quick-drying materials and can combat excessive sweat build-up. 

Therefore, it’s probably best to invest in a few bras for all of your activities, so you’re comfortable at all times.

Source: Cleveland Clinic

How Should a Non-Wired Bra Fit?

Along with choosing a bra that fits your lifestyle and activities, you need to be sure you’re purchasing bras that fit you properly. 

Non-wired bras should fit smoothly and seamlessly across your bust. They should offer your breasts comfortable lift and coverage, and they shouldn’t move, slide, or poke you. Non-wired bras should also have a firm band that helps the bra keep its beautiful shape so your breasts are adequately supported.

Purchasing a non-wired design bra that doesn’t offer enough support can pose serious health risks to women, such as neck pain, back pain, and muscle and joint pain. 

You can always tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra based on a few key indicators. These include:

  • If you have redness and chafing along the bustline
  • If your back straps ride up when you’re moving around or dig into your back
  • If your shoulder straps slide down or dig into your shoulders
  • If you’re spilling out of your cups
  • If your nipples are tender or irritated when wearing the bra

Source: Women’s Health Magazine, Huffington Post, WebMD

Does Your Bra Size Change from Wired to Non-Wired?

Your bra size doesn’t change from wired to non-wired. However, if you opt for a more elastic bra, it may have sizes ranging from XS-XL instead of measuring in centimetres around your back. 

More elastic bras can usually fit a broader range of busts since the fabric is stretchier and more flexible. 

Keep in mind that, even though you may be without the wire, that doesn’t mean a non-wired bra will always fit you perfectly. You’ll still need to find the right cup size, coverage, and support for your breasts, and this will vary depending on your needs and lifestyle. 

When I buy non-wired bras, I always look for ones with less or thinner padding, simply because my breasts are already big and I don’t need too much extra padding to make them look bigger.

I prefer just enough padding to smooth over my nipples underneath my clothing. This also means that sometimes I may need to go down to my ‘sister size’ in bras, depending on the retailer.

Source: New York Times, Refinery29, Self

Final Thoughts

Women with larger breasts often experience more discomfort due to the size of their busts, so choosing something that provides enough support can be tremendously helpful. 

I hope you found this article helpful, and as always, be sure to try on a bra before purchasing!


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