The 5 Best Men’s Dressing Gowns in the UK

Dressings gowns can be a lot more than something made out of cheap fabric that you pad around in after a shower.

A few months ago I wanted to a buy high-quality dressing gown as an excellent gift for my partner that would both be luxurious and last a long time.

Here’s the shortlist I made at the time, including the one I eventually bought – and he LOVES it.

I’ve gone through the benefits of each of their materials and what seasons they’re suitable for, plus some commonly asked questions.

Best Men’s Dressing Gown in the UK

Silk-Lined Lambswool Men’s Dressing Gown
(Available at Bonsoir of London)

This silk-lined men’s dressing gown by Bonsoir London is the one I eventually bought. It’s at the higher end of the market because it’s tailored to order, is very high quality, and made in England.

I got the Royal Blue robe, as shown below:

Bonsoir navy wool dressing gown

The gown is made from 100% Yorkshire lambswool – which definitely keeps you warm on those cold mornings before the heating has kicked in.

It’s lined with 100% silk to ensure it’s comfortable and soft on the skin, with inside ties as well as a wide tie belt so you can be sure it’s fully closed. The stitching is very high quality, as are the materials.

My partner says he’ll never go back to unlined dressing gowns (his previous one was wool only, and was a bit scratchy). It also has a collar and sleeve cuffs, for an elegant look,  along with 3 deep pockets.

He is 6ft 1, and the Large sized one fits him perfectly:

Best Bonsoir men's dressing gown

One of my favourite things about this particular dressing gown is that you can get it monogrammed upon ordering, making it a lovely gift. It also comes in an attractive presentation box.

Bonsoir almost always sell out of this every winter month (particularly near Christmas) because they need 2-3 weeks to tailor it to order, so if you know you’re in the market for a high-end, amazing quality men’s dressing gown, check that they’re in stock first (or order early).

There are also others for sale via Bonsoir, of course – I almost got a cotton one which I talk about below – but since I was so pleased with this wool one, I can highly recommend it.


  • Very high quality
  • Wool with silk lining
  • Inside ties
  • 3 pockets
  • Elegant look
  • Monogramming available
  • Tailored to order
  • Size range from S – XXL


  • No variation in length – 130cm only, though you could ask before tailoring
  • Dry clean only – this has been around £15 when we’ve had it done

Best UK Men’s Cotton Dressing Gown

Men’s Cotton Dressing Gown Range
(Available at Bonsoir of London)

Bonsoir cotton men's dressing gown

When I eventually chose a gown from Bonsoir, it was a close choice between the wool one (listed first in this article) and these, their cotton ones – which are more keenly priced if you don’t want to splash out on wool.

The gown above is their striped brushed cotton, though Bonsoir’s range of cotton dressing gowns come in a few different colour variations, including stripes, checks or plain.

Cotton is a light and breathable fabric which means it’s great all year round. If your house is naturally well-insulated or warm, this might be a better option.

During warmer mornings it wicks moisture away from the skin, so you won’t get sweaty and it also incredibly soft, and will remain so throughout its lifetime.

These gowns are made from organic cotton, which is of higher quality as well as being more sustainable. They feature toweling on the inside for extra comfort and absorbency.

It looks smart with a shawl collar, tie belt and two pockets, so it’s great for lounging around in on a lazy Sunday morning.

Please note that it’s advised to size up when purchasing this product, as when washed the waffle weave relaxes which can lead to shrinkage.


  • Organic cotton
  • Woven with towelling on the inside
  • Smart looking
  • Sizes S – XXL
  • Choice of colours
  • Machine washable


  • Waffle weave prone to shrinkage

Best Men’s Silk Dressing Gown in the UK

Hand-Made Men’s Silk Robe Collection
(Available at Derek Rose)

Men's Silk Dressing Gown

If you want to go all-in on luxury, then a silk robe is a must. There are other good reasons to go 100% silk too, including those with sensitive skin.

Derek Rose has a gorgeous selection of men’s dressing gowns made from 100% silk that are handmade in their Cheshire workshop and produced in limited quantities. 

It’s extremely comfortable as silk is breathable and gentle on the skin, so it won’t irritate you at all – even if you’ve got sensitive skin.

You may think that silk is a fragile fabric, but it’s actually very long-lasting. This beautiful robe will be hanging on your bathroom door (or wherever you keep it) for years to come.

Despite silk being known for its delicate appearance, Derek Rose have managed to keep their dressing gowns looking masculine.

With its simplistic design, including a shawl collar, breast and side pockets and thick tie belt, this gown strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style.

It’s especially convenient for those Summer mornings and evenings when you need something to cover up, but don’t want to be too hot. Naturally, something this luxurious also makes a perfect gift.


  • Simplistic design
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • Handmade
  • 100% pure silk
  • Breathable
  • Different colour options
  • S – XXL
  • Can purchase matching pyjamas


  • Hand wash only

Best UK Men’s Smoking Jacket Style Dressing Gown

Revise Short Smoking Jacket Dressing Gown
(Available on Amazon)

Smoking jackets were intended to be worn by men after dinner, in the comfort of your own home, so it makes sense that there would be dressing gowns to mimic this style.

This smoking jacket style short dressing gown by Revise can be worn year-round as it’s made from an elegant velvet fabric that’s soft, breathable, and absorbent.

It comes in 3 colours, and is sewn with attention to detail to ensure that it lasts you for years.

It has 3 pockets, a shawl collar and a waist tie and contrasting coloured details to really amplify that classic look, you’ll have no problem entertaining friends whilst wearing this as it doesn’t look too ‘pyjama-y’.

This one would make a great Christmas or Birthday gift for a male family member!


  • 3 colours to choose from
  • Classic look
  • Can be worn year round
  • Made to last
  • Velvet fabric (80% Cotton, 20% Polyester)
  • Sizes range from S – XXXXL


  • Only comes in a short length – but that’s the style

Best Hooded Men’s Dressing Gown in the UK

Jacquard Hooded Men’s Dressing Gown
(Available at Hugo Boss)

hooded men's dressing gown

If you prefer a dressing gown with a hood to absorb moisture from damp hair (such as after showering) then this hooded dressing gown by Hugo Boss may be the one for you.

It’s made from a cotton blend with a terry towelling structure for greater absorbency and gives off a fashionable look with the ‘BOSS’ logo all over.

The cotton blend means it’ll work year round as it’s warm, yet breathable and is suitable to be worn straight after bathing due to the absorbency of the terry towelling.

It has a fabric belt to close the robe and is completed with 2 patched pockets, as well as a hood of course.


  • Can be worn after bathing
  • Suitable year round
  • Fashionable look
  • Cotton blend with terry towelling
  • Hood
  • Machine washable
  • Can be ironed on a low heat
  • S – XXL


  • Only comes in one colour – navy blue

What Exactly Is A Dressing Gown In The UK?

This may sound like an odd question, but apparently, the term ‘dressing gown’ is particularly British. Other countries – the USA, for example – use the term ‘robe’, even though it’s not quite the same.

Whether you call it a housecoat, morning gown or dressing gown – it all means the same thing.

A dressing gown is an open-fronted gown that is tied by a fabric belt and worn over nightwear, before you dress for the day or after you undress for the night.

Dressing gowns can also be worn for warmth when lounging around at home, worn over pyjamas or over clothes.

Traditionally, dressing gowns are different to bathrobes as they did not contain absorbent material, but nowadays the lines are a little more blurry.

Bathrobes are intended to be worn straight after bathing in lieu of a towel. Many dressing gowns now do offer the absorbency of a bathrobe, so they can be worn after showering or bathing too.

The use of a dressing gown all depends on its material – silk robes do not offer any absorbency and are more intended to be worn over nightclothes, whilst cotton ones with terry towelling are absorbent and can be worn after bathing, but also over nightclothes.

It all depends on what you’re looking for and how you intend to wear it.

man and his dog, both in a dressing gown with shades

Can You Tumble Dry A Dressing Gown?

There is no yes or no answer to this question, as whether or not you can tumble dry a dressing gown all depends on what material it is made from.

Many of the higher-quality dressing gowns I’ve recommended here are made from delicate materials.

Dressing gowns made from wool are dry clean only and should not be washed or tumble dried at home, whereas ones made from silk should be hand washed at a cool temperature and then left to air dry.

Dry cleaning a gown doesn’t need to be done often and is cheaper than you might think – usually about £10-15.

Most cotton dressing gowns can be tumble dried, but not all of them as it depends on the percentage of cotton used and what fabrics it is mixed with, if it’s not 100% cotton.

You should always avoid using any harsh chemicals, such as bleach, on a dressing gown as this can damage the fibres and leave your gown looking worn out.

If your dressing gown is suitable for machine washing, you should use a mild laundry detergent as regular ones can leave the fabric feeling rougher and stiff – which isn’t ideal.

You should also avoid using fabric softener as with regular use, it can affect the water absorbency of your gown.

If you’re unsure as to whether to tumble dry your dressing gown, it’s best to check the washing care label inside as each gown will differ in materials.

Finding the right dressing gown can be a challenge, but investing in the perfect one can make your mornings and evenings a whole lot more comfortable!


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