UK Guide To The Best MCT Oil And Its Benefits

MCT oils have increased in popularity over recent years as people have discovered the health benefits behind them.

They can be incorporated into your diet in any way that you can imagine, whether that’s in hot drinks, smoothies or in your food preparation.

If you’re considering taking an MCT oil, but don’t know where to start, then take a read of this guide. I’ll run you through what MCT oils are and their benefits, the best oil available in the UK for different purposes and why they’re helpful when following a keto diet.

Best All-Rounder

MCT Oil, Pure C8 by Qetomax

Qetomax’s MCT Oil comes in a 500ml bottle, it is completely vegan, organic, and made in the UK, so you know that you’re getting a quality product.

C8 (Caprylic Acid) is a purer form of ketogenic oils compared to the likes of C10 or C12, and so it can be said that this is far more biologically beneficial to you.

The oil itself is made of 100% plain coconut oil with no palm oil, meaning that it’s environmentally friendly, and you know that what you see is exactly what you’re getting with no hidden ingredients.

The oil is both odourless and tasteless, making it perfect for you to take in any way you want, whether that’s straight from a spoon, mixed into hot drinks or even drizzled over salads. My favourite way is to mix it into a smoothie!


● Both tasteless and odourless
● Totally pure – No palm oil!
● Comes in liquid form, meaning no warming needed
● Allergen friendly


● Bottle not easiest to pour from – to get around this issue you can decant into a different container
● Can cause an stomach upset, so it’s best to start with a low dosage and increase as your body gets used to it

Best MCT Oil Capsules

Sports Research

Sports Research’s MCT Oil comes in a capsule form, meaning that there’s no hassle when it comes to taking your dosage as you can just take three capsules a day – no need to mix it into anything!

The soft gel also helps to slow the digestion of the oil, meaning that it spends longer inside your gut to promote healthy bacteria.

The softgel capsules are made with Kosher gelatin, with no use of palm oil and are made with non-GMO ingredients (genetically modified organisms).

They also contain lauric acid, which will help you on your weight loss journey whilst improving your cognitive function too.


● Saves time as there’s no need to mix the oil into other foods
● Digests slower than taking an oil
● All healthy ingredients
● Aids cognitive functions helping you to stay focused throughout the day
● Low in calories


● Capsules are relatively big so some people may find them hard to swallow
● The capsules are made with kosher gelatine, so are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans

Best Organic MCT Oil in the UK

Pure Health

This Premium Organic MCT oil by Pure Health is off many people’s radar, but it’s a great product in its own right as it’s one of the best quality MCT oils I’ve seen. It’s 100% organic, so if hidden ingredients are something that worry you then this is the oil for you.

It’s also environmentally friendly as it is made from 100% sustainable coconut oil and is packaged in a BPA free glass bottle, rather than plastic – it’s good for both you and the planet!

This particular oil is tasteless and has a smoke point of 160°, so it’s great to use as a cooking oil in food preparation or perhaps even in your keto-friendly baking!

Due to the high smoke point, you can be assured that adding this oil into your food and drinks will not affect their flavours at all.


● 100% vegan, organic and free from GMOs
● Comes in a BPA free glass bottle
● Can take however suits you
● Tasteless and odourless


● Bottle can be hard to store in cupboards due to the length of the neck
● Contains both Caprylic Acid C8 and Capric Acid C10, which may not be as effective as an oil only containing C8

Best MCT Oil For Keto in the UK

Pure C8 By Ketosource

Ketosource’s Pure C8 MCT Oil is the best oil for mixing into your hot drinks, smoothies or whichever way you take it when you’re following a Keto diet. The company are Keto-focused and know their stuff (hence their name!)

One of the most popular ways to take MCT Oil is to mix it into a bulletproof coffee in the morning, and the purity of this particular oil just makes it perfect for that as it won’t affect the flavour.

As with Quetomax’s MCT oil, this one contains pure C8 which increases the production of ketone 3 times more effectively compared to the likes of C10 or C12, regardless of whether you’re following a strict keto diet or not.

This means that whatever you’re eating, you can add in Ketosource’s Pure C8 MCT Oil and feel the benefits.


● Contains C8 MCT which boosts more ketones
● Perfect for mixing into anything, due to its 99.8% purity
● Vegan, paleo and allergen friendly
● The purity levels of the oil decreases the likelihood of you having digestion issues or stomach pains
● Made in the UK
● Can use with any diet


● Can be difficult to pour out of the bottle, causing loss of product due to spillage
● Contains palm oil
● You can’t use this product as a cooking oil, as the high temperature will damage the oil and remove any benefits

Best Trial/Travel Size MCT Oil

Pure C8 MCT Oil By Ketosource

The Pure C8 MCT Oil by Ketosource (reviewed above) is also available in a smaller size, so if you’re unsure if MCT oil is going to work for you then this will be worth a look.

The smaller bottle means that you can try out the product for a cheaper price, and if you don’t get on with it then you’re not wasting any money or product.

This 100ml bottle is also perfect for travelling, whether that’s to the office, to the gym or even on holiday – you can simply pop it into your handbag and be on your way. As with the larger version, this oil is completely pure and contains C8 MCTs and can be used with any diet.


● The smaller size is great if you’ve never used an MCT oil before and don’t know whether it will work for you. It’s portable, which is especially important if you’re always on the go
● Pure C8 MCT
● Vegan, gluten free and paleo friendly
● Made in the UK


● The smaller bottle can make the instructions harder to read
● Bottle is prone to spillages
● Contains palm oil

What Is MCT Oil?

Simply put, MCT Oils are a highly concentrated form of multi-chain triglycerides that provide the body with many beneficial effects.

Naturally, they are found in whole foods and dairy products, with coconut oils and palm kernel oils being the primary sources. When compared to LCTs (long-chain triglycerides), MCTs are metabolised faster by your body meaning that they are less likely to be stored as fat.

MCT oil in a round glass bowl with wooden spoon

What Are The Benefits Of MCT Oil?

If you’re wondering whether you should incorporate MCT oils into your diet, it’s useful to know the benefits.

One of the main reasons that people use MCT oils is to aid them in their weight loss journey. When ingested, MCTs increase the production of hormones leptin and peptide YY, which signal to the brain the feeling of fullness.

So, when taking MCT oils, you will be able to reduce your calorie intake as you won’t feel the need to eat as much. MCTs may also increase your body’s ability to burn fat, yet again ensuring that you’re in a calorie deficit and able to lose weight.

Many people take MCT oils in order to improve their cognitive function and get rid of that ‘brain fog’ that we all know so well.

As MCTs help the body produce blood ketones, it’s said that taking MCT supplements makes you feel less tired throughout the day so you’re able to concentrate better and can even increase your memory. This is because ketones are used as an energy source for your brain, so can improve its functioning – especially if you’re following a low carb diet!

What’s The Best MCT Oil For Keto in the UK?

A keto diet is one that consists of low carbs, moderate protein and high fat all of which help you to burn fat better by putting your body into a metabolic state known as ketosis.

When beginning a keto diet it’s likely that you’ll experience carb cravings or low energy, due to the decrease of carbohydrates – which is where an MCT oil could come in to combat the lower production of ketones.

There are lot of products on the market, and it can be hard to find the right one for you if you’re following a strict diet. I suggest that the best MCT oil for a keto diet is Ketosource’s Pure C8 MCT oil.

The reason behind this is that it is a pure form of C8 MCT, which is 3 times more effective in boosting ketone levels in the body and putting it into fat-burning mode. You can also be assured that this is a completely pure product, with no hidden ingredients that may add unwanted calories into your diet.

In Conclusion

If you’re still undecided on which oil is best for you, after reviewing many products on the market, I’d suggest that the best MCT oil in the UK right now is Qetomax’s MCT Oil – this one really ticks all my boxes.

This oil is the most versatile, it can be used as cooking oil as well as mixed into your meals as it’s completely tasteless, whereas Ketosource’s MCT oil cannot be used to cook with, but this may not be an issue for you depending on what you plan to use it for.

Unlike Sports Research Softgels which contain kosher gelatine, this one is vegan friendly and contains absolutely no palm oil so it’s sustainably sourced too. It also contains C8 MCTs, meaning that it’s more effective in raising blood ketone levels and is more beneficial to you, compared to the likes of Pure Health’s oil.

Qetomax’s MCT oil will increase your brain functioning, suppress your appetite, and give you more energy, all whilst being good for the environment – all reasons I named it the best all-rounder.


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